Eyebrow Threading

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading at Melbourne Central

Eyebrow Threading is an increasingly popular method of achieving sharp, defined brow lines, and with good reason - it involves no waxes, lotions or chemicals. Though difficult to truly locate it origination, Eyebrow Threading was initially very popular in the Middle East and India, which then spread to Western Europeans. Hundreds of years young, this technique is now available to Ottoman3 Guest.  

The Technique

Eyebrow threading

Though anyone can learn the technique, there is a select few who can actually master it. Many variables come into making an Eyebrow Artist the best in the country, including the method of holding the thread, placing it and the all important accurately measuring the area to ensure close symmetry in shaping the Brow. This takes years to master.

Eyebrow Threading starts with a simple cotton thread, ends held together on each hand & twisted at the middle a number of times. The twist creates two loops at each end, which is how the thread is held. The length of twisted thread is what pulls the hair from the skin.

Part of one loop and the twist is then placed on the skin against the direction that the hair is growing, in a straight line. The hand at the opposite end then expands the other loop, which moves the twist along the brow, removing the hair as it goes.


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Do you just do the Eyebrows?

We do anywhere on the face. Threading simply is a hair removal method and can be adopted to any part of the body. So feel free to ask to have your lip, sides, chin or any other part of your face as well as your Brows.


How long does it last?

To maintain perfectly neat eyebrows, you would need repeat visits every three to four weeks.


Who is it good for?

  • People who want brows that are perfectly suited to their face shape
  • People with sensitive skin
  • People who don't like pain
  • People who want to have very defined brows
  • People who like to avoid chemicals


Boys boys boys

  • Great for adolescents who are on the verge of shaving, keeping hair finer for longer
  • Men of all ages - a no fuss tidy up