Ottoman Brow Bar

Ottoman3 was the first Brow Threading Bar to launch in Australia in 2009. Their Brow Artists have transformed over 600,000 eyebrows using the ancient art of Threading.

With a strong desire to bring beauty rituals of ancient times back to the forefront, Ottoman3 has mastered all things Brows. Threading is a hair removal technique that takes years to master, and utilises just a single piece of (antibacterial) cotton thread.

Beginning with the flagship store in Myer Highpoint, Ottoman3’s demand for high quality services lead to three more locations and an online store selling a custom-made product line.

Bringing you the best from around the globe, Ottoman3 Brow Bars are inspired by the architecture of the Ottoman Empire, with Byzantine and Persian influences, providing a luxurious experience. The recurring Gold colour reflects indulgence, Blue for the flow of water, and White to represent cleanliness and purity.

Affordable luxury is promised to each and every guest, and the products and talent are the very best. Not only do the Brow Artists come with years of experience, they undergo monthly training to ensure their skill set is the best in the business. An individual full time Brow Artist will transform an average of 4,000 Brows EACH year. This is how they ensure they are specialized and the Crème de la Crème of the Brow world.

Cleanliness and excellence in service are valued above all else. The Ottoman3 difference is the inclusion of little delights and spa elements to a traditionally quick service.

The 3 in Ottoman3 ties in the companies values:

Affordable Luxury

Excellence in Service

Obsessive Cleanliness


Mini Latif

“I have taken bits from all my journeys around the world to get to where I am today – and I’m damn proud!” – Mini Latif

 Whether she knew it at the time or not, every new country Mini travelled to, salon she visited, and international company she worked for, all formed the mosaic to become her very own business empire – Ottoman3.

From the western suburbs of Melbourne, Mini is the youngest of 3 children of her Cypriot Turkish parents. Small business and a strong work ethic runs in Mini’s blood, as she grew up watching her parents run their own shops in Melbourne. Not only did the details of everyday life in a family business inspire her, but a trip to the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul when she was just 7 left a lasting impression. The beauty on the walls of the opulent palace stuck, and she knew she wanted to bring some of her Turkish heritage into her own business one day.

With a background in Business Marketing and Multimedia Communication, Mini became an expert in online communications, working for some of Australia’s & the UK’s biggest players.

To own her own business was her childhood dream and after living a few years in London, she locked down her business plan and did the unthinkable networking move of all. She emailed 8 months later opened her first Brow Bar in Myer Highpoint.

10 years on, Mini has grown the business to complete almost 600,000 Brow Transformations and create a custom Brow product line that has sold out time time again using the best chemist in the world. “I could not bring myself to white label at the beginning, though l was heavily being pushed to. I decided that l would not launch our first product until we completed at least 100,000 Brows. Only then could we authentically say we know our craft and develop product based on true knowledge, not fad or off the shelf inventory.” Mini and her team make products based on what their customers need, not what manufacturing sales teams are pushing.  The product line comes from face to face (AKA brow to brow) knowledge of the Brow and delicately curated products that work on real people with real brow concerns.

Often heartfelt, but most certainly raw & open, she is now one of Australia’s first entrepreneurs that have opened the door to see behind the scenes in the making of her company, the product line & demystifies the reality of being a small business operator in Australia.