Question: What is eyebrow threading? 

Answer: Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique of hair removal.  Cotton thread is twisted between the hands and fingers to epilate the hair from the follicle. Unlike waxing, where at least 2-3 layers of skin is removed, no products or heat is required and therefore is the most organic & natural method of hair removal. Not to mention accurate!,


Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: 95% of our clients (to date we have done over 600k Brows!) say it’s less painful than waxing. For those first timers, you will find it to be quite an odd feeling as there really is no way comparison. For us veterans at it, most of us find it very relaxing and utterly satisfying when the finished product is revealed.


Question:  How is it different from the plucking?

Answer: It’s not! Threading is plucking, however we can pluck about 4-5 hairs at a time unlike tweezers which takes them one at a time.


Question:  Is it better than waxing?

Answer: Waxing is a fantastic method of hair removal on your body as it works as an exfoliate too. However, on the face it is far too aggressive, as the skin around the eyes and lips particularly is thinner and therefore more delicate. As waxing does take off a couple of layers of skin each time, there has been discussion that the skin around the brow area prematurely ages and causes sagging due to this technique.

We are not scientists and therefore cannot prove this theory, however we can tell you that for those with sensitive skin types, waxing is just simply not an option due to breakouts and irritation. So threading is a wonderful option for those that do not want the heat of the wax on their face or the wax product itself.

Remember, with any new epilation technique you are using, it is not uncommon to get the odd white head appear, especially around the lip and chin area. Be patient, if this happens to you, it simply your skin getting use to the new technique and should not appear after the 2nd or 3rd session.


Question: How long does it last?

Answer: One of the reasons for the 3 in Ottoman3 is the 3 week turnaround. Though we find most peoples hair grow back within 3-6 weeks, we have found that the shape is best kept & least painful when returning every 3 weeks.


Question:  Does it last longer than waxing?

Answer: Though both techniques are doing the same thing and that is taking the hair from the root (ie: follicle), the hair regrowth should be the same. However, we have found that most of our guests get a little longer out of our threading as it is more accurate and tends to break less hairs than waxing does.


Question: Does it stay red or irritate for long time?

Answer: Majority of our clients do not!

However, if you do go a little red, it usually only stays like that for 5-10 minutes. Again, it really does depend on how sensitive your skin is, but remember there is no product or heat used to removed the hair.

We finish off the service with a soothing aloe vera gel that helps quickly close the open pores. If you do have any allergies to Aloe Vera, our Brow Artist will advise you before putting it on and you can let them know to not apply it. Nothing like some cold water to also help sooth the skin if your feeling a little warm afterwards.  


Question: How long does threading take?

Answer: Brows on its own usually take between 15-20 minutes. The actual threading part is only 5-10 minutes, however we always take the time to measure you throughout the service which takes time.


Question:  Are your tools sanitized?

Answer: YES!

Another reason for the 3 in Ottoman3, is our 3 core values. One of which is CLEANLINESS. When we first opened our doors in Myer Highpoint, we were also a Nail Bar and therefore had a lot more tools to take sterilise, but we still use the same compulsive attention to the remaining two needed for threading.

We ensure we take fresh tools from our display holders in front of you, so you can see that they are not used from the previous customer and we clean them in an open environment to give you peace of mind it is happening.

Ultimately, we are a low risk method for any contamination and the only tools we do use apart from the anti-bacterial thread that is disposed off after each session, are tweezers and brow scissors. None of our tools penetrate the skin and in all our years of servicing our beautiful guests, we have NEVER had one complaint about infections or contamination of some sort, even when we had the Nail Bar for 5 years.


Question:  How come l can get threading for $5-10 and you guys charge $30?

Answer: Our favourite question! ANOTHER reason for the 3 in Ottoman3 is the core value ‘Affordable Luxury’.

We offer you 5 star service at everyday prices. 5 star service is that of which you get at luxury hotel spas. This includes giving you beautiful surroundings, qualified and fully skilled staff, sanitised tools, experts in our field and tailored products for your at home needs.

Our training and mentoring programs are very rigorous and they are there to ensure that you the guest leave feeling 100% satisfied or you do not pay! In order to build that skill set in our teams, requires time, but it does happen.

We know we are human and not perfect, so what we do offer is to try our best every time and we hope that will leave you feeling fabulous.


Question: Why don’t you allow request for Brow Artist or take appointments?

Answer: Our Brow Artist go through a training method to reach the ABA standard at Ottoman3. ABA stands for Australia’s Best Artist and also is a play on words for the Turkish slang name used to call your sisters or females we respect. It is derived from the word Abla to ABA as many Cypriot Turks would say it.

To reach this level, means that you now mastered are now doing an average of 4,000 BROWS per year. This therefore gives us the confidence to offer you any of our Brow Artists.

Remember though, we did start off by doing appointments and we found that for every Artists someone REFUSED to have, we could name you 10 fold the amount of people who could not live without them. This mystery has remained unsolved, but the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is in to show you our commitment to offering our best each time.


Question: Why don’t you take appointments?

Answer: Our services are done within 15-20 minutes and therefore are not like those of say a hairdresser which we often get compared with as they go between 1-4 hours. But just like a barber shop, it’s a sit and wait for your turn concept.

Understanding that you have a busy schedule & need to be organised, we are constantly building our team to try and ensure the wait time is below 10 minutes.  Though there are times the wait exceeds this, our average wait time in all our locations is UNDER 5 minutes.  

We have custom built some comfy sofas for you and have some beauty products to play with whilst you wait. Or feel free to ‘Check In’ whilst you wait – we have lots of fabo pics and content on our Istagram, Facebook & Twitter pages. 


Question: Why does the artist put the thread in her mouth?

Answer: The thread must be pulled tight in order to accurately and precisely remove every hair. However, the thread that touches the artists mouth NEVER touches the client’s face!


Question: Why do I have to stretch the skin around my Brow area?

Answer: While an artist is threading, the client will be asked put one hand on top of the eyelid and other hand on forehead to stretch the skin. Stretching the skin allows the artist to thread under the eyebrow where the skin is less tight without harming the skin. Tip – the tighter you stretch, the less the treatment will hurt.


Question: Can I specify how I want my eyebrow shaped?

Answer: Oh yes and we encourage you too. Every time you visit us we will give you a consultation so you can tell us exactly what you are wanting. It also allows us to measure you and show you what is possible with your current hair growth and type.

It is super important that realistic expectations are set both for you & us. Though we are masters at threading, we respect your opinion and know one truth more so than threading itself – no one knows your face better than YOU! Therefore, we will give you recommendations, but ultimately will follow your guide.   


Question: If I get my eyebrow threaded, will the hair grow back darker or thicker?

Answer: No, because the hair is being removed from the follicle it tends to grow back finer overtime.    


Question: Can I have any allergic reaction after threading?

Answer: In essence – No.

However, some people in extreme circumstances have been known to suffer from boils or blisters. This is not from threading, it was from the infected follicle which had been left exposed from the epilation.

This is why we prefer to use Aloe Vera gel after every session, as it helps close the follicles quicker and therefore reduces the time bacteria can enter. Remember, try not touchy your skin after you have been threaded as our hands do carry some dirt on them and can lead to irritation.  


Question: What are the benefits of tinting eyebrows?

Answer: Tinting makes your Eyebrow appear fuller and more natural, creating a polished overall look. Tinting your Eyebrows can pick up the finest hairs in the Brow area, making them appear fuller and more complete.


Questions: How long does a tint last?

Answer: On average, a Brow tint will last 4-6 weeks. 


Question: How do the Packs work?

Our most popular thing on the menu! They are simply prepaid threading sessions that allows to give you a discount.