Teenage Brows Need Attention too!

By Mini Latif 16 Jan 2014 9:06:46 AM

Hi Guys,

What a crazy morning with the call into Nova Fm today. Almost spat out my coffee when Meshel & Tommy started the talk on Brows and the lack there of. 

You know between our Brow Artist we do over 700 brows A WEEK! And that is not only a lot of Brows, but a lot of individual stories that tell us how to tailor and improve our business to give you more tools to get you where you want with your brows. 

One of the most common stories we hear is that "I have no Brows!". The reality is, no one has the perfect brow and we are all on a mission to achieve symmetry as best we can through a few tried and tested methods. One is get the best shape possible with what you have (hence the Ottoman3 Brow Artist walks in the room) and then add to this using Brow products (hence the Ottoman3 Brow Product line walking in this year). 

Having a lack of brows or finding that brow damage can happen to anyone and l would love to hear your story. Tell me, what do you think caused your brows to thin out?

Here l am Vlogging it Brow Style!

Mini Latif xoBLxo

xo Beauty Lover xo

How to get a Job at Ottoman3!

By Mini Latif 5 Jan 2014 1:55:54 PM

Starting the year with a Bing Bang Boom!

We have announced our new store location for this year is Melbourne Central. But if that's not enough, we actually have 2 other major announcements that l am keeping under wraps for.... a very short time. 

With all this growth and success has meant that our back of the house team needed some growing. And towards the end of last year, we kicked off interviews for a Sales & Marketing Coordinator Role. Whilst going through this process a lot of people asked me how l managed our recruitment process and what it took for candidates to make it to interview stage. 

So l snuck into the office before the first day of interviews and did a Vlog on this journey - hope it may help inspire you to put your best brows & nails forward when you are going into the job market.

PS: Welcome Jess - hold on to your talons .... this year is going to blow your Mani/Pedi away!

Mini Latif xoBLxo

xo Beauty Lover xo

My 1st VLOG - is that a word?

By Mini Latif 28 Oct 2013 3:03:35 PM

Now l hear this blogging business is also done via video! So the kids tell me these days. 

I cannot believe l now refer to the generation before me as the kids. I swear l am still a child trapped in a 36 year womans body! GASP - yes l am 36! Why women hide their age is beyond me. What difference does it make, unless you are involved with an illegal trade - which l am sure most of you are not - right? Anyway, l digress again!

So below is my first attempt at VLOGGING - l actually have not heard this word before and thought it would be the best way to describe my video version of my Blog. Turns out, l am not a genius and this word has been captured, posted and became the in thing around 10 years ago. I swear - l use to be an Online Specialist.... where was l when this generation before me turned my SEO/SEM knowledge into heresy and so last decade??

Please be kind... l have no professional hair, makeup or lighting. Just me and my MAC shuffling self conciously in my office in South Melbourne (note the coutless 'ums' & hair fixes), wondering how much l can say that wont need editing as l dont know how to edit yet. In the background is my BDM Tania, thinking she is giggling under her breath, but it was over her breath as l actually heard it. 

So with a tad of pinky, purpley shades of embarrasment - here lies my first VLOG!   Today l am talking all things Ruby Wing Nail Polish Y'all - l hope my Melbourne Manicure brings you some joy!

What would you like me to tackle next friends? 

Mini Latif xo NBL xo

Nail & Brow Lover

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