Rachel Zoe & her weekends - GIVE ME MY DAY!!!

By Mini Latif 24 Oct 2014 9:21:39 AM

Time... When you are running your own business do you have any? After an inspring lunch with Rachel Zoe hosted by Business Chicks today, I sat down to address the burning question that is faced by all business owners.... time?

Although there are many occasions when you do have to work weekends, overtime, early mornings, late nights etc. It is important for you, both as a person and a business owner to slow down, take a step back and join the "real world" for a second. In order to stay grounded and most importantly happy, you need that time with your family, your friends, your boyfriend. It's all about balance people.

I would love to hear your throughts, feelings and questions on this, so fire away. I have all the time in the world for you. 

Mini Latif xoBLxo

xo Beauty Lover xo

Rachel Zoe Business Chicks

Rachel Zoe | Business Chicks Lunch at The Peninsuala

Mini Latif | Business Chicks Lunch

Mini and Tania | Team Ottoman3 

My 1st VLOG - is that a word?

By Mini Latif 28 Oct 2013 3:03:35 PM

Now l hear this blogging business is also done via video! So the kids tell me these days. 

I cannot believe l now refer to the generation before me as the kids. I swear l am still a child trapped in a 36 year womans body! GASP - yes l am 36! Why women hide their age is beyond me. What difference does it make, unless you are involved with an illegal trade - which l am sure most of you are not - right? Anyway, l digress again!

So below is my first attempt at VLOGGING - l actually have not heard this word before and thought it would be the best way to describe my video version of my Blog. Turns out, l am not a genius and this word has been captured, posted and became the in thing around 10 years ago. I swear - l use to be an Online Specialist.... where was l when this generation before me turned my SEO/SEM knowledge into heresy and so last decade??

Please be kind... l have no professional hair, makeup or lighting. Just me and my MAC shuffling self conciously in my office in South Melbourne (note the coutless 'ums' & hair fixes), wondering how much l can say that wont need editing as l dont know how to edit yet. In the background is my BDM Tania, thinking she is giggling under her breath, but it was over her breath as l actually heard it. 

So with a tad of pinky, purpley shades of embarrasment - here lies my first VLOG!   Today l am talking all things Ruby Wing Nail Polish Y'all - l hope my Melbourne Manicure brings you some joy!

What would you like me to tackle next friends? 

Mini Latif xo NBL xo

Nail & Brow Lover

The Bushy Brow Effect

By Mini Latif 19 Jul 2013 12:48:22 PM

To be a Bushy Brow or Not to Be - this is the question!

Victoria Beckham

My mamma told me that back in her day (not sure her day has ended, but apparently she now speaks in memory of her HEY day), thin brows were on trend. Now we all know this is no vogue moment in 2013. The fuller brow is ultimately more natural & youthful looking. Not to mention a hell of lot easier to maintain with little grey regrowth shadows appearing. 

Yet along comes one of my fashion idols Victoria Beckham and BOOM - the busy brow is rocking her pretty little face. I did a double take when l saw this image of her on this Vogue spread and l wondered, did Posh go too far? So l kept on looking and found more of the bush bush brow. In comes along Keisha... now l know your not meant to merge Keisha and VB in the same sentence, but they really do have this in common! 

I looked at Keisha's Brows even longer and l was left with no choice. I re-evaluated MY brows. Today l am taking you through a history lesson of Mini Latif's brows.

The little photo on the left was taken in 2006 when l was at the mercy of my Eyebrow Threadist in London (& the mercy of my bestie Emma who was feeding me much needed champagne at a Digital Awards Gala)

Each month l would visit her and each month my brows were getting thinner and thinner. This is ultimately where l was left, and at the time l was pretty happy. Didn't think that l was capable with getting thicker, nor did l think it would suit me. 

7 years later, l noKeishaw have a team of Brow Artist that work on my brows every 3 weeks & EACH time we talk about getting to the ultimate brow.

This is something l have wanted to tell the world for years - you will NEVER get the same result 2 sessions in a row. Hair is hair, follicles open and close and that simply means that even if you promise, swear on your Louboutin's that you Mini Latifdid not touch your brows since we last saw you, hair does fall out and new hair in DIFFERENT locations grow! This is why we give you a consultation each and every time. It's so important to understand that brows are ALWAYS a work in progress. 

As you can see in this last shot, l have had the help of Australia's Best Artist (ABA's) to get my brows looking fuller AND have acceptably cheated using a brow powder to finish off the look.Mini Latif All of us need to get extra help after our threading session, because gaps in your brows are a part of life! So brace yourself O3Lovers.... the Ottoman3 Brow Powder Pencil is being made RIGHT NOW! 

Can't wait to open the first batch of happiness!

To get a another Bloggers opinion on our brows - read up on Adele Maree from Melbourne, who quite understandably fell in love with us too xo

Lots of Love

Mini Latif 

Nail & Brow Lover xoNBLox 

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