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By Mini Latif 3 Oct 2017 2:00:00 PM
Please be advised: this blog post contains graphic images
So l have been very vocal about turning 40 and more recently very vocal about wanting to try Botox and Anti-Wrinkle Fillers. 
Being in the beauty industry l get asked a lot what l have had done. I think with thanks to all the filters on Snapchat and Instagram that can make me look a whole lot of 30 instead of 40. But honestly l have never had ANYTHING done. Until a month after turning 40.
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I think the best sales pitch l have ever heard was when l booked in for a consultation at Laser Clinics Australia  in Watergardens Town Centre and the young girl booking me asked for a $50 deposit. I said to her “Oh no, l’m only booking for a consultation." In which she replied that the deposit was just to secure the booking and would be credited to service if l had it or returned. She then also threw in, "Anyway, you’ll probably walk out having it done in the 'consultation' as most women come in just to find out about it and usually walk out spending three grand BANG just like that!”. Of course, l started to daydream, ‘would l be that woman?’.  
botox, injectables, fillers, laser clinics Australia
Well that was not quite what happened to me. I had a whole 24 hours in between consultation to service! To be honest, l found it hard to concentrate on understanding the difference between Fillers and Botox. But essentially, any area that needs a muscle relaxant like those strong frown lines on your forehead and between your eyes need Botox. Anywhere on your face that needs literally to be 'filled’ in like those deep hollows under your eyes they refer to as troughs, need Fillers. Ultimately, my highly qualified cosmetic nurse Kate Robins said that most faces need a combination of both. 
So with some nervousness l post these images of me having it done approximately 2 months ago. I wanted to wait a while to post the after shots, as l really wanted to let you all know what the reaction has been from people. It's crazy how torn l am about the fact that NO ONE NOTICED! Let me tell you, l walked in asking Kate the nurse if she could lift one of my Brows a little, remove the angry frown lines between my Brows and perhaps a tad of filler in my lips as l love a full glossy lip.
She ended up advising me that she could also ‘freshen’ my look with adding some filler in my upper cheeks, smile lines, under eyes and most importantly on the upper part of my forehead to balance it all out. I was like - DAMN did l need that much work? 
So after 2 months and no direct compliment to me about it, would l recommend it? 

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100% YASS! You see, l learnt later that if someone did say something to me along the lines of, ‘did you get work done on your face’, can be seen as an insult. I have received numerous compliments on my ‘skin’. At which point l tell them about meeting Kate at Laser Clinics Australia and My Oh My did the questions come rolling in. Seems we all want to get this done and thanks to accessibility being opened to us average folk, we can pretty much walk into most shopping centres across the country and have reputable companies perform these treatments at somewhat affordable rates.
But let’s be honest, we are not talking about having your legs waxed. If you go to an inexperienced or ill trained facility you will REGRET IT. I cannot recommend Laser Clinics Australia enough (this is not an Ad).
It is a bit like choosing coffee in the USA as a tourist. You can walk into a small cafe hoping to get your caffeine fix, but if you do walk into a chain like Starbucks, you can pretty much guarantee that you will get whatever coffee your heart desires. There will be a process to make sure your order is met and if all else fails, you know they also have systems in place to rectify a negative experience. Now you may think there is no synergy between coffee and laser cosmetic injections, but my friends what l am referring to is ensuring you pick an ‘organisation’ to do the all mighty process of handling your FACE.
Think twice about your friends neighbour who does it from their upstairs studio above their garage. People you need to be in the medical industry, you need CONSTANT training, you need to have an Artists eye and you need to have the real deal products (fakes exists in all industries). 
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So below are the top 5 questions l have been asked about this process. I would love to hear back from you. If you want to see what my face looks like before and after ‘make up’ since having the procedure, watch one of my YouTube Beauty tutorials.
Be kind, l am not a model, nor am I 20 years old… l am a 40 year old Boss Lady Y’all!
FAQs Cosmetic Injections:
Is Botox better than Dysport?
Laser Clinics Australia had both Botox and Dysport as their muscle relaxant and Kate said that it’s best to try both and go with the one that gives you longevity. Because they are stored in different unit size metrics, you may think one is cheaper than the other, but in the end, the same amount is actually used and prices therefore end up costing almost the same.   
Does it hurt?
Ummmm yes! Look you get to have numbing put on your lips. But all the other areas on the face is pointless to have numbing as surface level injections as they are referred too cannot be numbed, so ladies and gents you just have to suck it up. What l can say is that, it is bearable and it is not something that was a deterrent. It just is uncomfortable. But l must say, when having your troughs done, the sound is absolutely fascinating. If you have it done, let me know if you were just as intrigued by the ‘crunching’ sound as l was!
How long does it last?
Fillers last approximately 18 months and Anti-Wrinkle injections last approximately 3-6 months. As previously mentioned, some people will get more longevity from one brand over the other when it comes to Anti-Wrinkle, so it is a matter of trialling them before you can really know. 
What’s the difference between Fillers and Botox or Anti-Wrinkle Injections?
The way l simplified it is to look at Fillers as just that - an area that you ‘fill’ in. The most obvious place would be your lips, but the one that l have found to have the biggest impact is your troughs. That is the hollow sockets that happen under your eyes and really is what makes people look tired and aged. So this has been my favourite ‘refresher’ on my face without the need to go under the knife!
Anti-Wrinkle Injections made famous by the brand Botox, is literally a muscle relaxant. So those strong lines you see on your forehead or the crows feet around your eyes are ultimately muscles that are all tensed up. Once injected with a relaxant, they do just that. 
The reason most people need combination of Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle, is because often once you have relaxed the muscles, the skin can look loose or tired. This is where Fillers come in to combat that. 
Can people tell you have had work done?
Ultimately that depends on how much you have done. I wanted to ‘refresh’ my face and therefore l didnt want that crazy scared lady look. So no one directly asked me if l had any work done, but l have had lots of compliments on my skin and l do believe that is because of result of my work with Laser Clinics Australia
How much does it costs?
2ml Dermal Filler packages start at $890 at Laser Clinics Australia. One of their most popular services is Lip Filler at $389 thanks to the #InstaLips craze led by Kylie Jenner. Wrinkle treatments packages start from $349, but you can get smaller units that start from $3.95 per unit. For more pricing view thier menu.

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