Motherhood kicked my arse!

By Mini Latif 21 Apr 2016 3:32:45 PM

Mini Sarkissian and Skylar Sarkissian

Dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Target 
Skylar aged 7 weeks old

9pm on a Saturday night the flutters of what l thought may be contractions began. I was right, except what l didnt realise was that as these flutters turned to full blown contractions, l would be in this labour for 3 days! 

It’s such a long story and one that women who have laboured before me would nod knowingly as l had officially joined the mothers club. So for now l will save you the gruesome details of a turning posterior baby who eventually popped out with the help of the magical doctors and midwives at the Royal Women’s & let you know that l was blessed with a healthy girl called; Skylar Sarkissian.  
I was very adamant of not wanting a cesarean birth for the only reason that l wanted a quick recovery to go back to work in 6 weeks. What l didnt realise is that, though l had a ‘normal’ birth, the tools of forceps had me recovering for over 8 weeks (yep - l know your feeling my pain!). 
Blessed to be able to move in with my mum for the first 2 weeks, l was showered with visitors from all my favourite people. A traditional Turkish saying when one visits a new mum is ‘Gecmis Olsun’, which translates to “Get well soon”. I was quite shocked that people were saying this to me, for in English we would not normally greet a new mum with that saying. We normally would be more like ‘Congratulations you hot Mamma!’. And then it occurred to me. Whilst l was so busy during my pregnancy organising how l would get back to work, child care and the sort, l gave little thought to the physically exhausting challenge of child birth, followed by a strenuous 40 days of what l could only describe as boot camp for new mums. 
My little Skylar, though an angel to look at, was also a fireball of fierce feeding frenzies and cried for help as this little cherub was incapable of doing anything without me. My father keep repeating over and over, that all will find their place come 40 days! And with that statement, my husband and l began the countdown to the 40 days like our lives depended on it. I was not hopeful, but absolutely wishing that this miraculous date would change our worlds forever and motherhood would stop kicking my arse. 
40 days finally came around and like the effect of a full moon, Skylar took a new direction. She started to be responsive and l could somewhat understand her cries and little cooing sounds. Oh the love, the all consuming life changing love that fills my heart as l think about her writing this. What a life changer she has been. We celebrated her 40 day birthday, as we were believers!
Skylar 40 Days
Dressed by Bonds Baby
Skylar 40 days old
So finally, 9 weeks after birth l came back to work. Oh my oh my. As a devoted fan of Emma Issacs, CEO of Business Chicks who stated she was back at work after 1 week from having her 4th child, l was seriously shocked at how difficult l found the ability to concentrate. The first drive to the office with no body else in the car was so surreal. As l opened the door to see my amazing team before me, l realised that like Emma, l really loved the balance of work and family, but there needs to be a rock solid support group for you to take care of the home for you to do that. It took a good 3 weeks back at work before l felt to be myself and really focus on my job like before. 
So 3 months in, l get asked almost daily about how l am managing work and baby. Quite an interesting question, considering a couple of billion women are doing it as you read this, so how hard can it be? The truth is, its hard, really life altering hard. I have mourned my independence many a time and long often for the freedom to come back to me. However, on the flip side, now that l have this little Mini Me (come on, l had to use that term!), l am more determined than ever to continue to build my Ottoman3 empire, for now the stakes are higher. I am the ultimate role model and l cannot make any excuses.
My top 3 tips to getting back to work after birth are:
1: It take a VILLAGE for reals! Support - if you are lucky enough to get your family involved with child care and they are willing to do it, TAKE IT! There is something quite magical watching grand parents fall in love with your kids. And for those that do not have family support, ask your maternal health nurse to give you some contacts for child care. There are lots of facilities made available locally for you to go and suss out. 
2: Make ME time - Everyday & l mean everyday. If l had a dollar for every time someone said this to me, l’d have at least a hundred bucks right now. But it is true. 10 minute hot showers bring such energy for the next couple of hours.  I have continued to get my nails done every 3 weeks and that is my little something that makes me feel pretty even though l still have a pregnancy belly after 12 weeks!
3: Be present - The logistics of getting to work can be quite the ordeal, so make it count when you get there. No need for this ‘mummy guilt’ malarky. You have earnt your right to be at work and not think about your bubs for a few moments. Never forget who you were before, for l truly believe the child you are raising chose you for who you were to be their Mummy. So embrace your time away and get your day DONE!
My favourite part of a work day is driving up the drive way of her daycare knowing that l have a child to pick up. How lucky did l get! 
Skylar Sarkissian
Dressed by Bardot Junior
Skylar at 12 weeks
Skylar in Pearls
Styled by her Grandma today at child care! 
Dressed by her cousins hand me downs & Grandma’s pearls that were once mine for the inheritance and now obviously have been shifted!
Skylar Sarkissian
Skylar meeting the O3 Brow Babes at Highpoint

Lady and the Lashes

By Mini Latif 24 Jun 2015 2:15:37 PM

I once held a make up tutorial session ran by the fabulous MAC ladies for my Ottoman3 Brow Artists.

It was to give everyone some quick pointers in getting the most out of their make up kit and really understand how to use it.

Ottoman3 Mini Latif Blog Lashes


What stuck with me all those years ago is that a good face of make up needs AT LEAST 25 minutes. And that is the truth. Most certainly l can do my make up in under 10 minutes, as l am sure the mass of women do, but the reality is, if we are talking some contouring, brush on eyeliner and the holy grail ‘lashes’, then honey you need A LEAST 25 minutes! Give me 35 and l can make your eyes water with joy!

So as l look to further develop the finishing touches offered at Ottoman3, l have had the solo task of trying on over 70 different strip lashes!

Yep, l have had glue go into my eyeballs and brought full tears to my eyes without joy, but l have done it for you.

I am not sure how the strip lash has managed to do this to me, but it truly makes me feel freakin SEXY! I mean, no makeup ever can have the same impact if it is completed with a set of lashes.

For my wedding, l had the talented Miss Eyelash apply individual lashes for me so l could ran off to my honey moon with semi permanent, heavenly lashes. But on my wedding day, my MAC Make Up Artist Celeste insisted l needed an additional row of strip lashes as l was going for old hollywood glam. I was like, ’no need to insist; l insist, lash me up!’.

So below as are a whole bunch of the lashes l am playing with and all are being named ater ladies that have inspired me. Who has been your lady lash inspiration?

Ottoman3 Beauty and the business blog on lashes by Mini Sarkissian
Ottoman3 Miss Eyelash Lashes Melbourne

Ottoman3 Eyelashes Beauty

Cyprus, My Island Dream

By Mini Latif 5 Jun 2014 10:48:34 AM

Cyprus Wedding

Here comes the Bride | Korineum Golf & Beach Resort 


Where onions come from... Not Woolies | Angolem, Cyprus

wedding location

Wedding location | Korineum Golf & Beach resort


Parking next to the boarder. Prettiest Boarder l have ever seen | Nicosia, Cyprus

wedding favours

Wedding favours, Harup trees | Lefkosa, Cyprus 

Ezic Restaurant Mini Latif

Ezic Restaurant | Girne, Cyprus


Homemade mandarine cordial with a sprinkle of Jasmin flowers | Angolem Cyprus

Whilst in California last month, the young lady who was doing my 'Blow Out' (AKA: 'Blow Wave' Australian's!) asked me where my accent was from. I replied with 'Australian' of course and proceeded to tell her l was from Melbourne, just in case she was still interested in me before the tip was required. She responded with "O.M.G - my FRIEND.... her BOYFRIENDDDDD just came from D.U.B.A.I !!!!!!!!!".

That conversation was a few weeks ago and l am still trying to figure out the relationship there, but meanwhile l can assure you that later conversations of where my parents were born came with even further perplexing responses of "Cyprus! Where is that???".

Cyprus is a gorgeous little island country in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, just south of Turkey. It is occupied by what feels like my entire extended family. I walk into homes of cousins and friends and see what can only be described as extension of who l am. Such love lives here for my family in Australia and for that l make the effort to visit every couple of years or when one of my uncanny familiar cousins decide to take the plunge into marriage. Hey, a little wedding celebration can always bring an abroad trip to the next level.

So as l spent my previous weekend at Korenium Golf & Country Club celebrating the joyous occasion, l felt deep love for a land that feels like a second home. Many conversations followed about transferring my Melbourne wedding next year to Cyprus. For a moment l considered this fabulous concept to be more than a jovial idea - but the reality is, l am an Australian, born an another island that has blessed me with so many gifts. One of which is my beginning with my Fiancé. So the wedding remains in Melbourne and the destination wedding l dreamt about growing up is still a reality, the only difference is the destination location is for all those that will be coming from their own islands.

Mini Latif xoBLxo

xo Beauty Lover xo

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