Ottoman3 Online Store Launches with a Fabulous BANGSALE!

By Mini Latif 23 May 2011 10:31:41 AM

O3 cakeWe have been waiting for this with breath that is baited... and finally we can say to you now "Feel Free to Brows".

The Ottoman3 Team have been working behind the scenes to get the most fabulous Nail and Brow Products to your finger tips... and we hope we don't dissapoint.

The Brows products are still on their way. However, we made sure we could make up for it with a fabulous range of nail products. We have reintroduced some of the Essie Classics. But dont worry all the new colour launches will be found here too. 

Added to our new retail line is Bio Sculpture in NAIL VARNISH - for those of you 21 Hand lovers, you can now have the same colours in varnishes all to yourself. Not to mention the fantastic accessories designed to spoil your hands and feet in the comfort of your own home!

We are also introducing SHESWAI!! We have been playing with these Californian colours for months and are now over the yellow brick road to introducing you to this fabulous line. The bottles are to die for and well the colours... oooh la la

Stay tuned... there is still so much to show you!


Mini Latif

NBL - Nail & Brow Lover

Do you really want to be a Snake Lady?

By Mini Latif 9 Jun 2011 2:58:04 PM

Well we have now been asked from many if they can be the next Snake Lady!

Yes you read it right - Snake Lady is the latest trend to hit Bio Sculpture Lovers and it is about to hit Ottoman3 with a fabulous snakey BANG!

Snakeskin Bio Sculpture Gel
American women have been blown away by the audacious method of using REAL SNAKESKIN as the ultimate nail accessory. Please note: No snakes are harmed in this process. The skin used is ones that have been left behind as part of Snakes natural shedding process. 

Ladies and Gents - have a look at this video to get a sneak peak at what is coming to Ottoman3 and tell me... do you really want to be a Snake Lady?

If you are unable to see this video, click here: 

Mini Latif

Nail & Brow Lover xxNBLxx

Barbra & Dolly made me do it!

By Mini Latif 4 Jul 2011 3:07:31 PM


When l was a little girl my mummy would always be watching Barbra Streisand on TV. I would'nt care much about the movie plot or the music (sorry Ms S - l do now!) - l would always stop in my tracks in a complete hypnotic state staring at her nails. 

Barbra Streisand young nails

In my memory they were always cream in colour and long.... just so so long. The closest l ever saw anyone with nails that long was my very own mummy and though l spent many an hour holding her hands and fiddling sometimes painfully at her nails, they too were never that long. And so began my true obsession with nails. 


Dolly Parton Nails
The next artist that took my breath away when l was little was MS DOLLY PARTON! I think it was a mixture of her infectious voice, sparkly costumes and big hair that always had my attention - but again, it was the nails that got me. 

Ghetto nails is my new obsession - l them LONG and l love them LOUD.  I 'll get the Ottoman3 Artist to put some designs together so you can start the feel it too. In the meantime who was your nail obsession growing up?

Mini NBL

Nail & Brow  Lover xxNBLxx 

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